feeling very pretty

today I found out that I look great in pictures. just had my senior portraits done down at the school (dumb; why should they take senior pictures before our senior year even starts? shouldn’t they want them from just before we graduate? well whatever) and expected them to be the same generic pictures that you always get from school photographers: chin up, face tilted, fake smile–NEXT, but it wasn’t like that at all.

I brought three outfits–one vintage polka dotted dress, my slam poetry team shirt with houndstooth jeans, my black corset with black shirt and cute short blue plaid skirt, and a hat. it was perfect. the woman who took the photos of me in my corset, Allie, was absolutely fantastic. she was inspired by me and my personality (as well as my outfit) and took some of the most beautiful professional pictures that have ever been taken of me. hell, she was more excited than I was.

it was wonderful. that was definitely the highlight of my day, and though the pictures all in all took two and a half hours, I am beyond thrilled with the results. ♥


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