catching up

hey everybody.

a lot’s happened since I last posted, and I apologize for not keeping you updated.

K didn’t work out, so that possibility has been abandoned. I’ll keep the explanation very short.

as it turns out, The Bitch broke up with him quite a while ago to go play with other people at college. since that happened, he’s been avoiding a relationship with anyone and sleeping with everyone. he told me there are a whole bunch of girls that he’s sleeping with, and that they don’t mean anything to him.

he told me that if there’s anyone he has feelings for, it’s me. but he still doesn’t want a relationship. so he told me that we could have a casual thing, and that he’d be willing to give me some of the experience that I am looking for.

but at the same time, he told me that even if we had a casual thing, he would continue to sleep with all of these other girls. he asked me if that was okay, and I told him I didn’t know. that it was too much to process all at once, and that I would tell him what I thought later.

about a week later I told him I didn’t think I could do it. it wasn’t something I was comfortable with, and that was it.

nothing else has really happened in relation to my “love life,” nor has much happened worth noting.

I just got back from a trip to Chicago to see a friend of mine, my best friend in the world. we spent the weekend together, and though she had to work part of Saturday, we had a great time. I already miss her so much. I forget, sometimes, what it’s like to have someone you can trust with your whole heart. someone who you can be completely relaxed and at ease around. someone who understands you, someone you don’t have to hide from.

we’re really bad about keeping in touch. we have been even since before she moved away. so we decided that we are going to call each other every week, and skype sometimes too. it means a lot to me.

that’s basically everything that’s happened. well, not exactly. but everything worth mentioning. ♥

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