it’s been a hell of a long time

wow. I guess I kind of forgot about this blog, for a long time. I should probably post a bunch of updates, even though nobody really cares.

well, all of the various “boy situations” didn’t work out. I gave up on K. in December I started casually dating J, because as it turned out we were both decently interested in each other but not looking for anything serious out of it. however, literally the day after we decided to date, I met someone. I was at a Christmas party with several of my friends, when I met this girl G. she and I got along instantly, and we spent half of the party snuggling and joking around.

long story short, she’s now my girlfriend. we have been together since late January, so that’s nice. she’s a lot of fun and she is very cute, so, yeah.

another thing that happened recently is that I failed one of my classes for a quarter for the first time in my life, ap biology. it turns out that I have clinical depression, and I was diagnosed and am now seeing a psychologist for it, under consideration of putting me on medication to combat it. it runs in my family; my great uncle committed suicide, my uncle tried and was diagnosed, and my mother tried and was diagnosed as a teen. I guess it’s not so surprising, but it has been certainly frustrating, and with terrible timing as now my mother is freaking out about the possibility of having my University of Tennessee admissions decision retracted.

oh, I guess that’s another thing. I was accepted to University of Tennessee to study neuroscience, and I received an automatic “Out-of-State Excellence Award” scholarship for $10k a year. so that’s cool.

impatiently awaiting the end of my high school career now. my therapist says I need to celebrate the little things that I can accomplish on a day-to-day basis when the big goals seem too much. my goal right now is just to survive until June, but sometimes even that goal seems overwhelming.

I guess that’s it. talk to you guys later. I’ll try to get back in the habit of updating this blog more often.

(p.s.: I also have some other random little things written, so I might post some of those soon.)

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