sometimes I get this feeling where I’m floating, totally withdrawn and disconnected and riding waves of lyrics and poetry in the tides of my gray matter.

I wonder if it’s a bad thing, if after a while I’ll just completely float away, so I try to stay connected, try to speak to people, try to relate. try to do anything to tether me back down to the ground I can hardly believe my feet are actually resting on. but on days like today no one seems willing to make the connection. my words bubble up from a throat that doesn’t feel like a part of me and come out confused, jumbled because I knew what I wanted to say until I opened my mouth.

the only parts of me that seem to still work properly are my fingers, scrawling out lines and thoughts and concepts half-explored and then abandoned in favor of surfing new brainwaves.

people these days are always looking down, so instead I look up, and I’m left feeling even more isolated than when I started.

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