if you clicked the about button and ended up on this page, I guess you probably want to know something about me and what kind of person I am. I guess I should indulge you.

my name is aurora, only that’s not really my name of course, and you can call me rora if you want. one person calls me mishka, and a couple call me or used to call me angel, sweetheart, love, princess, or honey.

I am a cat person, not a dog person, and I have two adorable cats who are seven and eight years old.

at the time of writing this I am seventeen years of age, and a senior in high school, and good lord am I ready to leave and go to college.

there are at least six people right now who like me on various levels, from “would bang” to “in love with.”

I am single.

this blog is basically just me talking about my life, because as boring as it sometimes seems to me, apparently it’s kind of interesting. so I’ll be posting a bunch of garbage about my problems, and anyone who reads this is basically too dumb to stick to their own problems. or maybe it’s just easier to think about other people’s problems than our own, and in that case I will happily indulge you as I struggle to deal with them.

other random things: I’m a mediocre artist, a mediocre poet, a writer, a control freak, a perfectionist, a liar (admittedly), and a virgin.

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