this ought to be “boyfriends, breakups, and bitches: part the last” but with way more details than you ever needed

these last two weeks have been quite possibly the most complicated weeks of my entire life, and here’s why. it all started when I invited this guy, I’ll call him LD, over to my house last Wednesday. now look, I knew what I was getting into when I asked him over. I expected us to […]

every single time

so somebody said the phrase “all good things must come to an end” and apparently it was this guy named Geoffrey Chaucer a long long long time ago well fuck that guy. seriously. restaurants, relationships, brands, foods… always. as soon as I get hooked on something, it’s gone. the Macaroni Grill near my house went out […]

disturbed in more ways than one

so I was going through my room at my dad’s place last weekend since he was moving and I had to pack everything into boxes, and I happened across some very interesting what I like to call artifacts from the strange age. basically all these weird ass drawings and shit that are from when I […]

boyfriends, breakups, and bitches: part the second

my life history in relationships, continued I promised that this story wouldn’t stay depressing so I guess I ought to just go on and tell you about the several relationships I had during the time that I humorously like to call “the great in-between.” not really, I just made that up. the first person I […]

confession #2

let’s be brutally honest here: I have about as much grace as a drugged elephant. this is why I could never be a dancer. this is why no one should ever ask me to dance without being fully prepared to have their feet stepped all over. so I go to this steampunk bar sometimes, and […]

boyfriends, breakups, and bitches: part the first

my life history in relationships to start off, I was a ham as a kid. a HUGE ham. everyone loved me. and I’m not just talkin’ when I was too little to remember, either. I’m talkin’ from about the age of three to about the age of seven. and men, especially, thought I was the […]