homogenous shoes

okay, so, weirdest thing. I was sitting in my english class the other day, we were doing some kind of seminar thing and sitting in chair circles talking about this horrible book by William Faulkner called Light in August (if you haven’t read it, don’t). I suddenly looked down… and noticed that out of the seven girls in […]

it’s been a hell of a long time

wow. I guess I kind of forgot about this blog, for a long time. I should probably post a bunch of updates, even though nobody really cares. well, all of the various “boy situations” didn’t work out. I gave up on K. in December I started casually dating J, because as it turned out we […]

catching up

hey everybody. a lot’s happened since I last posted, and I apologize for not keeping you updated. K didn’t work out, so that possibility has been abandoned. I’ll keep the explanation very short. as it turns out, The Bitch broke up with him quite a while ago to go play with other people at college. […]


the wait may finally be over, folks. I talked to K today because I wanted to see him sometime soon, and he seemed really happy–much happier than he’s seemed in chat in a long time. he’s got a job he’s actually happy with, and his facebook status says single… he might have finally broken up […]

it’s so much

sometimes it feels like I have everything under control, but then other days I feel like I’m utterly lost and alone. why do I feel this way? I’m not alone… but I always feel so empty… it probably doesn’t help that everyone seems to want me but they don’t want me. and the few people that […]

why does anyone actually like me

so uh I mean I knew this before but I feel like it’s just repeatedly proven to me over and over I am really a bitch. seriously, how does anyone stand me? I’m a whiny, selfish, arrogant, insulting human being and sometimes I really don’t understand why anyone actually likes me or finds me to […]